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Coaching Rates:


Adults (18-65) 

1 hour - *£30

2 hours - *£50

 Block of 6 x 1hr - £150 

Concessions (Over 65) 

1 hour - *£25

2 hours - *£45

 Block of 6 x 1hr - £125 

Juniors (Under 18) 

1 hour - *£20

2 hours - *£35

 Block of 6 x 1hr - £100 


*Plus reduced table rate:

The Richfield Room - £5 per hour.

Stephen Hendry Match Room - £10 per hour.



The Role of a snooker Coach


Snooker is about precision, timing and execution, but for many years professionals honed their skills alone. It is now increasingly common for even the top players to turn to coaches in their quest for perfection. Nowadays, all the top players will have had coaching from qualified snooker coaches at some stage with most having been coached from a very young age.


Ronnie O'Sullivan is a prime example of this. Even with all the natural talent he possesses, he has still sought coaching to maintain and further improve his performance.


Snooker coaching has come a long way over the years, with more and more ways a player can be analysed to ensure their maximum potential can be reached.

As an Official WPBSA Snooker Coach, I follow the WPBSA 'White to Black' coaching programme to deliver my sessions. By following this nationally recognised blueprint, together with using some of the most advanced snooker coaching aids available, I am able to provide structured systematic sessions to coach players to various levels in line with their ability.

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